UMT Card Manager Download Latest Update 2023

On your UMT box or dongle, the UMT Card Manager is a tiny programme that enables you to upgrade card firmware. You may also keep track of how many times your UMT box or dongle has been activated.
You can download the UMT Card Manager setup file using the two mirror links that are provided. The card driver and tutorial are also included in the zip bundle that we've made available.

The latest Qualcomm and MTK smartphones, including those from OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and many other companies, can be unlocked, formatted, and repaired with the UMT Dongle. This device requires a smartcard for authentication and is activation-based (1 or 2 years). The three main tools included with UMT Dongle PRO—QcFire, Ultimate MTK Tool, and SPRD Tool—have updated versions that call for newer card firmware. You must therefore update the card's firmware.


UMT Team updates smartcard firmware with a new software update. To handle your UMT Dongle Card in that situation, you'll require UMT Card Manager. The following tasks are possible with Card Manager.

Update Card Firmware, Update Card Counter, and Update EMMC Activation.

How To Update UMT Card Manager

Prior to connecting the UMT Dongle and launching UMT Card Manager, disconnect all other devices and smartcard readers.exe
Make sure you have a fast internet connection.
Click "Update Card Firmare" and then "Update Counter" when the updating is successful.
You've successfully updated the firmware on the Smarcard.

Before using the UMT Tool, create a backup of your crucial data. Your data will be erased once the stock firmware has been flashed.
It is not the crack; thus, in order to run the tool, you must have a UMT box or dongle. If not, you'll never be able to open it.
First, we used Kaspersky Antivirus to scan the tool for viruses. Following that, we posted it on GSM Official.
Credit: The UMT Team deserves all the credit. the fact that they produced and supplied this product without

How to Use: A guide on utilising the Card Manager has been published. Get a tutorial by clicking here.
USB Driver: To connect your device to the computer, we've provided some USB drivers. MTK USB Driver, Samsung USB Driver, and LG USB Driver, for example.
Additional UMT Tool Modules: On this page, we have published a number of UMT Tool Modules. Specifically, UMT QcFire, MTK, FRP, and LG To

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