Is Battlefield 2042 on Game Pass? What is Xbox Game Pass

I'm interested to know if Battlefield 2042, the newest multiplayer shooter from DICE, will be included on Xbox Game Pass.

The upcoming entry in the well-known Battlefield series is the first-person shooter Battlefield 2042, which has a futuristic setting. This game, like Battlefield 4, is set in the present day, unlike Battlefield 1 and 5. From the game's first release, players have been inquiring about a potential Xbox Game Pass release of Battlefield 2042.

Does Game Pass provide Battlefield 2042?

According to EA, Battlefield 2042 will be available as part of Season 3 of Game Pass on November 22, 2022. Thanks to the agreement with EA Play, subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can access the game on both Xbox and PC.

Once it's live, you may go through the whole Battlefield series at your own pace, pausing to play different games anytime you like.

We will update this manual as new information becomes available. For now, in the interim, be sure to read our guides on the Battlefield 2042 specialties, maps, and firearms if you wish to play with Game Pass.

Concerning: Battlefield 2042

Future first-person shooter video game Battlefield 2042 was created by DICE and released by Electronic Arts. The game, which takes place in a near-future setting, offers massive multiplayer combat with up to 128 players on next-generation consoles and PC, and 64 players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Three multiplayer modes are available in the game: "All-Out Warfare," "Hazard Zone," and "Portal," which use weaponry and maps from earlier Battlefield titles. Also, the game features brand-new gameplay elements like classes with specialised skills and changeable weather. Release day for Battlefield 2042 was October 22, 2021.

access to Battlefield 2042 without charge

Electronic Arts released numerous free trials for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation in response to the upcoming inclusion of Battlefield 2042 in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Those who don't currently subscribe to Ultimate can try it out before making a full purchase. The following is the timetable for the free demos:

Steam: 1–5 December
Xbox: Dec. 1–4.
PlayStation: 16–23 December

What is Xbox Game Pass, exactly?

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly membership service for Xbox consoles and PC that provides users access to over 100 games, including first-party exclusives on the day of release, to download and play at any time. Members also get access to Xbox Live Gold and discounts on games and DLC.


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