Nier 2B and Replicant Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Skins in Rainbow Six Siege: It seems that the most recent Rainbow Six Siege-related game crossover is only just getting started. The two new Nier skin packs that have been added to Siege are in high demand among players. We are unsure of how long some skins will be usable because some do get vaulted in Siege. We'll go over how to obtain the Nier crossover skins for Rainbow Six Siege.

How to Get the Nier Crossover Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Like the other newly added crossover skins, they are premium currency only. Skins for Iana and Maverick have been made available to go along with the Nier set. But there are a few noticeable differences between the skins.

Maverick's Replicant bundle is an ordinary legendary skin, whereas Iana's Unit Designation skin is an elite skin. As a result, each package's contents differ slightly from one another. If you win the Elite bundle and finish as the match's MVP, you'll also get a weapon charm featuring a chibi version of the operator wearing the skin in addition to an exclusive victory animation.

You will still be charged the full price for each of these separately even though they are not part of the Maverick bundle. Both sets will cost 2160 R6 Credits, which is equal to a $20 credit pack. Iana's bundle is essential because she is one of the best attackers in the game right now, while the Mavericks' bundle is only required for Maverick mains.

For the time being, those who are still debating whether to buy these skins can unwind. Crossover event skins typically remain accessible in the store indefinitely after being added to the game. There is always a possibility that they are seasonal skins, similar to the ones found in yearly Esports bundles.

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