Invisible Fence Glitch Returns in Apex Legends

Invisible Fence Glitch Returns in Apex Legends: Fans adore Apex Legends, which is still going strong. One of the most reliable battle royale games available, the game receives relatively few complaints from players. The popularity of the game hasn't been affected by #NoApexAugust, and even though EA is keeping an eye on it, nothing has been done to lessen the fantastic experience it offers.

But when everything is going smoothly, minor flaws seem severe. It seems like a bug is coming back permanently.

Invisible Fence Glitch

A Return of Wattson’s Invisible Fence Glitch

  1. The invisible electric fences from Wattson are back and destroying all the games.
  2. Without any justification or cause, it has returned to Hunted. IcySpinach, a Reddit user, discovered the bug and posted a video of himself avoiding imaginary barriers.
  3. An invisible fence or a bug?
  4. I've seen this six times, a commenter claims. "Respawn won't be able to fix this bug for months."

What is the Invisible Fence Glitch Caused By?

Although there isn't currently a reason for this, it appears from the video that one of Rampart's covers was placed in front of one of the fences.

The problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible by Respawn because the game isn't known for being bug-free. #NoApex doesn't require more ammunition.


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