Dead by Daylight Announces Release Date for Project W

The makers of Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive, have revealed the day on which Resident Evil: Project W, the following downloadable content chapter, will be released.

The horror crossovers between Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil, Halloween, and Hellraiser are well known. In June 2021, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 made appearances in Dead by Daylight. A Raccoon City map and Chris and Claire Redfield cosmetics were included in the DLC package

Dead by Daylight Announces Release Date for Project W

As the DLC enters Public Test Beta, fans have learned more about the upcoming chapter more than a year later. Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, and Albert Wesker appear in Resident Evil: Project W, which was unveiled by Behaviour Interactive. A DLC release date has been made known by Behaviour, and it might be earlier than anticipated. Resident Evil: Project W will be available on August 30th, according to the Dead by Daylight official Twitter account. The most recent DLC is $11.99.

Dead by Daylight Project W Storyline

The fearsome gameplay abilities of Albert Wesker, also known as The Mastermind, have been demonstrated by the PC Public Test Beta. The Mastermind uses gameplay mechanics similar to those of Nemesis from the previous year and the dangerous Nurse Killers. He can grapple Survivors with his Uroboros Tentacles and slam them against objects or send them flying.

With Rebecca's medical skills and Ada's advantages in medical assistance and self-preservation, Rebecca and Ada bring a new perspective to the gameplay of Survivor. Upon purchase, the bonuses for Bloodweb become available.

Dead by Daylight: This DLC also makes changes to the layout of the Raccoon City Police Station, which Killers and Survivors have criticized as being excessively large and complicated. The most recent change will divide the East and West Wings, providing more escape routes for Survivors while making generator patrols easier for Killers.

Map and DLC updates since PTB are described in a developer update. The Mastermind's hitboxes have been changed by behavior to minimize collisions with corners and small objects. Pallets were used less frequently in the new RPD maps as well.

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