Gionee F8 Neo FRP File Tested by SPD Tool 2022

 After a factory reset, the Gionee F8 Neo's factory reset protection can be removed using the FRP file. The file has undergone extensive testing to unlock the Gionee F8 Neo's Google account lock.

What is FRP Lock How to Unlock?

IDENTICAL TO Factory Reset Protection (FRP) When a phone is lost or stolen, the Gionee F8 Neo feature stops it from being reset and used by someone else. If there was a way to avoid FRP, that wouldn't be very advantageous. The device is a brick if you don't know the account name and password for it.

Gionee F8 Neo FRP File

Download Gionee F8 Neo FRP File Tested by SPD Tool

Size: 279 KB
Password: officialromsGionee

How to Flash the FRP on the Gionee F8 Neo:

  • Installing SPD Driver is necessary.
  • Grab the file, then unpack the Flash tool.
  • From the icon that appears, select ResearchDownload.exe and upgradeTool by double-clicking.
  • The tool will launch on your computer.
  • After clicking the Load Packed button, choose the Firmware with the.pac extension.
  • Click the Downloading option in the third position.
  • By pressing the Volume Down key, you can turn off your phone and connect it to your computer.
  • As a result, you will be able to flash successfully.
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