Jio F320B Mic Jumper

Friends, in this post you will get the Jio F320B Mic Jumper and you can fix your mobile. With The Provided Instruction Friends, in the coming days in Jio F320B mobile, the problem of Mich has started coming more and due to this I am trying to help you all I am writing this article Friends, if you work with the given diagram, then your mobile will be fine, after looking at it well, understand it and repair your mobile jio f320b hang On logo comes when someone misbehaves And Mix Mic point ways mitch in your mobile and shortens all the mic points If you put Jio F320B Carefully Then This Problem Will No Come In Your Handset 

Jio F320B Mic Jumper

Friends, look at this image carefully and understand so that you can fix your F320B Mic Problem

Jio F320B Mic Jumper

jio f320b mic jumper diagram

This is a diagram of Jio F320B with the help of which you will understand Friends, this is a very best and easy way to do jio f320b mic jumper solution. Every day everyone keeps searching for a solution to this problem, so with the help of the image, all the creatures can fix F320B. 

Jio F320B Mic Jumper

Why does jio f320b mic jumper have to be installed?

Friends, Jio F320B mobile is almost on the side of Jio F220B, almost the board is the same, but the way of working of both the mobiles is different So a lot of people do that because of the trick of F220B, the F320B gets confused, which is the wrong way So if you also make this mistake then don't do it 

Jio F320B Mic Jumper

jio f320b mic jumper image

If you remove the jio f320b mic then do not Boot the mobile the mobile because Your mobile will hang on logo problem And after that you have to flash the mobile That's why you have to install mi on f320b mobile first so that this problem does not come
Jio F320B Mic Jumper

How To Put J2 Mic On Jio F320B Mobile ?

Do not do it if you want to replace J2 mic in F320B Otherwise, there will be a problem of hang on logo in your mobile never do this if your are fix this problem really Then Use 5 Pin Mic And Install 5Min Mic On Jio f320B 

How To Repair Jio F320B Mic Not Working Problem 

Firat Of All Disamble Your Mobile Then Remove Mic On Mobile Jio F320B While Using Smd Hotgun
Then Find A Capasitor 4.5 On Other Mobile Board
Now Put Capasitor On Jio F320B
Take A Universal Mic 
And Put On Red Wire On Capasitor And Black Wire On GND

Jio F320B Mic Jumper

About Jio F320B

You can capture excellent images with its 2 MP back camera and 0.3 MP front camera. Its 4 GB of internal capacity can be upgraded up to 128 GB for even more entertainment options. Its 1500 mAh battery allows you to talk for up to 12 hours and standby for up to 15 days.

If in this post I told all the things about jio f320b mich jumper So if your mobile gets fixed then don't hesitate to share this post with your friends. Thanks

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